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Company Name:
Trendy Entertainment
Gainesville, Florida
United States
Job Type:
Game Design
Position type:
Full Time
PC / Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox 360
Experience Level:
High School or equivalent

UX Designer

UX Designer:

Player experience first. That is one of the key principles driving Trendy Entertainment. Since its inception, Trendy has grown massively; in October of 2011, we launched Dungeon Defenders for the PC, and since then have sold over 2 million copies. In order to continue the tradition of putting player experience first, we are looking to grow and improve our team.

Trendy is seeking an ambitious, sharp-minded individual, who can take their passions and their abilities and mold them into something unique and surprising. It's our promise to you that we will challenge your skills and offer every opportunity for you to teach us, and for us to teach you. We are laid back, but fierce about our passions, and you are as well.

The things you will do:

As a UX Designer, you will take charge of leading the company's overall UX approach. Through research, experience, and a drive to be on the cutting edge, you will guide designers and artists toward the development of a clean, engaging, and consistent user experience. Collaborating with several teams, you will build a vision of the user experience which encompasses the player's first baby-steps to the final showdown, and will do it all while pushing yourself to deliver solutions that are carefully crafted to player's needs.

The things you have done:

- You understand core UX design principles and wear them on your sleeve. Every question has an answer, and you know how to find those answers without missing a beat.

- Data is king, baby, and no matter where you're turned, you have the articulation and the data to support your decisions as you make them. Nobody catches you without a graph or a spreadsheet, and quantitative analysis has no peer.

- When it comes to design, you have no reservations. Under tight restrictions or no restrictions at all you keep pace with the rest of the pack, even if it's moving at a blistering pace. Your ability to find solutions to complex problems and seek out the correct path through the darkest of forests makes you a natural designer.

 - Communication has no equal, and in a group, you're as open and clear as a fresh glass of water-- and your teamwork and collaboration skills are just as refreshing. You know how to function in a team and that's where your best work is realized.

- As a kid, you loved to play games, and you fell victim to the pitfalls and follies of bad UX. Now that you're older, wiser, and have put many more experiences under your belt, you have the drive and passion to succeed where others have failed. You understand personally the importance of user-centric design, and use this to achieve both business and player-based goals.