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Company Name:
Trion Worlds
Redwood City, California
United States
Job Type:
Position type:
Full Time
PC / Windows
Experience Level:
Mid-Senior Level
Bachelor's Degree

Senior Graphics Engineer

Trion Worlds needs you! (picture Uncle Sam). We’re looking for a graphics guru who really knows their shtako. We do games with high-end, triple-A, jaw-dropping graphics, and the only reason we don’t do more of them is because you’re not working here yet. Seriously, your cube is right over there next to the SIGGRAPH ’86 poster. Get to work. 


  • You’re a programming wizard. You dream in C++, write sonnets about your favorite data structure, and sing songs in machine code. You throw away cooking recipes that don’t complete in linear time.
  • You make pixels party. Your favorite shader command is tattooed on your wrist. You were learning 3D math while the other kids were playing with tinker toys. If we made a joke about a point light and a deferred renderer walking into a bar, you’d laugh until milk came out of your nose.
  • You launch games for breakfast. You’d take a gold master over a gold watch. You get a chill down your spine the day your code goes live. You’ve shipped so many games you had to invent a new compression algorithm just to keep the list manageable.
  • You fix what’s broke, and you don’t broke what’s fixed. Your favorite moment of 2013 was when you found a memory corruption bug. You get crash reports texted to your phone. You spend your weekends reading other peoples’ check-in comments.
  • You never stopped going to school. Your home library resembles an underground bunker. Your New Year’s resolution was to learn a new programming language every month. Your list of side projects reads like a game studio’s back catalog.
  • You play well with others. You know there’s a ‘me’ in team--but it’s backwards. Hogging the limelight gives you a sunburn. You know the favorite color of everyone on your team and you bake special cookies for that level designer with a peanut allergy.


HERE's the list of things that you’ve studied, used, and/or won a nobel prize for:

  • DirectX and OpenGL APIs
  • Cg and HLSL shader languages
  • Deferred and forward renderers
  • Multi-threaded programming
  • PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 development

Okay, maybe you’re not all of these things—yet. That’s okay. The question is, do you want to be?


Please note: All job inquiries and résumés submitted to Trion Worlds, Inc. will be treated in confidence, provided that Trion Worlds, Inc. shall have the right to use the personal information contained therein to contact you and for internal evaluation purposes.