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Company Name:
Infinity Ward
Woodland Hills, California
United States
Job Type:
Position type:
Full Time
Playstation 4, Wii, Xbox One
Minimum Number Of Professional Titles:
Experience Level:
Mid-Senior Level
Some College

Release Manager

Infinity Ward is looking for a talented Release Manager for an unannounced project.


Product Builds
•Work with Production to plan lockdown and integration strategies for product builds.
•Perform code and data integrations for product builds. This work often starts later in the evening, after most others have finished working (though doesn’t have to continue this way, with better planning/pipelining)
•Keep up to date on QA plan for builds. Validate that those QA plans are being followed through.
•Communicate status of builds clearly, accurately, and often; including:
    -the status of builds
    -CLs slated for integration and those already integrated lock dates, lock plans

Daily Integrations
•Push emergency code fixes (hot fixes) to content.
•Judge when such hot fixes are needed, balancing risk against seriousness of issue.
•Push code features to content (hot fixes) when appropriate to improve iteration.
•Judge when such feature pushes are needed; balancing risk against productivity win, deadline priority, and product quality improvement.
•Be the last line of defense when data merges into the Staging/Dev fail.

Code Releases
•Work with Integration QA on code release schedule, setting up the standard schedule and tweaking as needed through the project.
•Make decisions on special cases – such as code releases in conjunction with product lock dates, timing full converts, weekend releases, etc.
•Make decisions about integration and build process when different groups have competing or contradictory needs.  For example, delaying a code release for a few hours in order to push a hot fix faster.

Work with Tools team to improve tooling associated with integrations, package building, and other Compass services.
•Long term planning.
•Short term requests/tweaks.
•Being a champion for stability (when needed) in integration and Compass processes.
•Work with Tools team to improve the code release process.
•Work with Tools team to determine our long-term branching/streams strategy.


Risk evaluation.  Have the knowledge to evaluate the relative risk of a change or code release.  That means knowing these things:
•Comprehensive knowledge of game engine and pipeline.
•The uneven reliability of individual engineers and content creators.
•Relative importance of different flavors of potential breakage.  (For example, knowing which workflows are critical.)
•Knowledge of deadlines and milestone, build dates and drop-dead dates, and really truly drop-dead dates.

Merge Skills
•Know the game code, GSC, Lua, and all asset formats well enough to resolve merge conflicts correctly and safely.
•Be able to execute complex, three-way merges.

•Know how to use Compass tools to perform builds.
•Enough experience to make decisions based on what Compass can deliver in limited time.
•Enough experience to not press the wrong button and delay critical builds for hours or even a day.
•Know how to track down the source of breakages when they occur in the Release branch or due to integrations.

Perforce.  Be a Perforce expert.
•Predict and understand the behavior of the Perforce integration engine.
•Know the integration tools available (merge/integrate/copy/streams).
•Read and understand revision graphs.
•Proficient in Perforce command line well enough to write simple scripts.
•Know Perforce well enough to dig others out of trouble.

Communication – be a clear, precise, and constant communicator
•Responsible – willing to step up without being asked; willing to be the last man in the building, if need be
•Reliable – does what they say they will do a high percentage of the time
•Patient – have a reasonably thick skin about others generating additional hassle