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Company Name:
Iridium Studios
Burbank, California
United States
Job Type:
Position type:
Full Time
PC / Windows
Minimum Number Of Professional Titles:
Experience Level:
Bachelor's Degree

Lead Gameplay Programmer

Company: Iridium Studios

: Take over lead gameplay development on There Came an Echo, a voice-controlled real-time strategy game. We use the Unity engine. The candidate will organize and manage the primary codebase, navigation mesh traversal, AI design, battle mechanics, and overall structure of the game. He or she will work closely with the designer, artists, and sound team to create an intense, narrative experience.

What It's Like Working Here: We're an indie studio, so we don't have crazy perks, but we're a highly passionate team working on something genuinely new and exciting. We all share the same room, so "meetings" aren't really a thing here. We work cleanly and efficiently as a small team. All employees are encouraged to assist with design in all aspects.

We're a chill group, and we get along extremely well with each other.

What We're Working On: There Came an Echo is highly narrative driven. The cast is AAA caliber, led by nerd icon Wil Wheaton playing the lead role of Corrin. You can check out our old Kickstarter pitch here, our vertical slice video here, and some recent cutscene stuff here. All very early, of course.

Compensation: We're indie, but we're not asking you to work for cookies and paper clips. We're offering reasonably competitive industry rates, especially if you've got some experience. THAT SAID, this is not a guaranteed position past September 2014 or so. We'd love to keep you on after the completion of the project, but it depends on how the game does financially.

Hardline Requirements

- Be really, really good at Unity
- Be a pretty cool person

These Are Really Really Good Things to Have

- 2+ years experience in the gaming industry, having shipped a final product
- Significant shader design experience
- Significant AI design experience
- Significant experience with 3-D games and animation in general

These Would Be Nice

- Bachelors Degree or Higher
- Experience with Mac and Linux development
- Experience with designing for VR (Oculus Rift)
- Experience with the Kinect/System.Speech libraries, or other form of voice recognition software