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Company Name:
Red 5 Studios
Laguna Hills, California
United States
Job Type:
Business Development
Position type:
Full Time
PC / Windows
Experience Level:
Bachelor's Degree

Business Development Manager

The Studio

Red 5 Studios, creator of the free-to-play MMO shooter Firefall (www.firefallthegame.com), is a video game developer dedicated to bringing together millions of gamers from across the planet by creating immersive worlds, intriguing stories, and compelling characters. 

Right now, at this very moment, Firefall is being played around the world. In the past month, we've had players log in from such distant lands as Uruguay, Morocco, and yes, even Kazakhstan. It is already a global community with a virtual store that is generating revenue today.

Red 5 Studios has roughly 150 employees--large enough to find the resources or talent that you need to bring your vision to life, but small enough where you have the opportunity to make a massive difference. Every employee leaves their indelible mark on the identity of Firefall. Everyone.

THIS is the place to come if you seek mastery of your chosen vocation. These are the fertile grounds where you can learn from like-minded individuals that come from a cornucopia of industry-renown studios, such as Naughty Dog, Bungie, Insomniac, Blizzard and Microsoft. Every employee brings a significant knowledge base and we solicit best business practices from previous experiences.

THIS is the studio to join if you want a chance to contribute to a fundamental shift in the way games are crafted. Firefall encompasses an original art style, a proprietary in-house engine, and a determination to make the free-to-play model work without being pay-to-win. We believe the free-to-play experience can be a win-win scenario for both the consumer and us alike. With no barrier to trying the game, we believe it welcomes the greatest number of gamers possible. By having to work for gamers' micro-transactions, it forces us to be ever vigilant on quality, forging a tight relationship with the community that will give the world of Firefall's New Eden a very long lifespan with years of continued development.

THIS is the place for you if you value autonomy. If you want a chance to stretch your skills and excel in your chosen vocation, without the constant Orwellian presence of a publisher or middle management questioning your every move, this is for you. We trust our employees. We empower one another to make the game that we want to play.

We're on a mission to create a living, breathing world unlike any other for players to explore. We aren't constrained by a specific title or role; and individuals are often asked to tackle many challenges. We understand the challenges of bringing a AAA online game to life, and we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. 


The Discipline

BizDev is a relatively new move for us. We’ve been focused heavily on the creative side of game development bringing the dream of Firefall to life. Now is the time to bring this dream to other markets and we are seeking a bizdev evangelist  to continue forging important partnerships to help us build a vision for the Red 5 of tomorrow. You will explore and build innovative and strong relationships with companies across the globe, work in tandem with game operators and publishers in other regions, develop co-branding opportunities with hardware manufacturers and discover merchandising or other entertainment opportunities. We need someone who displays a high degree of originality and creativity, provides valuable insights, and excels in developing new perspectives that will be a perfect match for where we are headed with Firefall and Red 5 Studios. 


  • Source, identify and develop key business opportunities for Red 5 Studios and Firefall
  • Pitch potential publishing deals and develop collaborative entertainment opportunities for all creative materials
  • Work with our monetization partners on contract negotiations, deal closing and long-term successful business relationship building
  • Evaluate Red 5’s  MMO cloud based platform and seek creative ways to monetize with other developers/interested 3rd parties
  • Build merchandising strategies and partnerships for Firefall
  • Define licensing opportunities and build partnerships for Red 5’s technology based products including Red Handed our game security software
  • Identify any and all additional potential revenue sources
  • Build new licensing and partnership opportunities in the US, Europe, and South America
  • Prepare proposals and presentations for the internal management and marketing teams
  • Contribute to the Studio’s vision and strategy insuring that the company maximizes its profitability and investor returns
  • Protect and honor the organization’s value by keeping information confidential
  • Become a never-ending evangelist for Firefall and Red 5 Studios


  • Experience finding and closing publishing or operating partner agreements
  • Experience building long-term value for a AAA game IP
  • Strong analytical, organizational, and time management skills
  • Experience with solid business principles, demonstrating exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Experience developing and executing on negotiating strategies for closing win-win deals with business partners
  • Experience in evaluating potential business deals and opportunities with strong research skills in the game industry and in the MMO and F2P space
  • Strong data driven mindset and analytical skills. Your favorite game is Excel.
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the game marketplace, trends, up and coming opportunities and virtual goods. You are the leader in this space and are an endless sea of creative ideas that benefit both our players and our bottom line.
  • A love and passion for online games


  • Previous experience in an online F2P environment
  • Experience defining and executing on merchandising partnerships for a game IP