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Company Name:
System Era Softworks
Seattle, Washington
United States
Job Type:
Visual Arts
Position type:
Full Time
PC / Windows, Xbox One
Experience Level:
Not Applicable
High School or equivalent

3D Artist

Artists working on Astroneer are as strong (or stronger!) visual designers as they are 3D modelers. You are an artist who understands the game System Era is creating, the goals of the team during any given time, and can craft original visual designs for those goals. You do not require someone else to concept or reference ideas for you. You worry less about the absolute efficiency of the mesh or texture you’ve made and more about the portrayal of the idea or design you are building. Ideally you have a strong understand of mechanical design, aerospace design, and lean towards “hard” science fiction than sci-fi that is whimsy or magical.

No one working at System Era wears a single hat on the team as we prefer to work with people that can help in more than a single way. If you have interests in things like graphic design, typography, marketing, web design, storytelling, game design, and so on you’ll be an ideal candidate to joining our team.


  • Has an understanding of Astroneer’s art style and can see limitless possibilities in its limitations.
  • A strong visual designer.
  • Proficient in 3D modeling and 2D texture creation.
  • Professional experience working on video games and/or real-time 3D modeling and textures.
  • A portfolio of 3D artwork that reflects a style similar to Astroneer.

Nice to Have:

  • Can show they understand our style and are strong visual designers by completing the optional art test (See below)
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4
  • Senior experience in video game development.
  • An interest in science fiction, aerospace, and space exploration.
  • A portfolio that reflects a style similar to Astroneer.

Optional Art Test

This test is NOT mandatory for artists to apply to System Era to work on Astroneer.

Our most important qualifications of any artist that applies for the job is that they both understand the boundaries of our art style and are strong visual designers. This optional art test is set up as a means for artists to demonstrate those qualities to our team. If you feel your portfolio already reflects those important qualities we encourage you to NOT do the art test and apply. Otherwise, the following description is up for you to interpret and design in-engine video game art around.

If you decide to try out the optional art test please include images of your test when emailing for the position!

  • Create a medium size base module that an Astroneer can place on any given planet to communicate or interact with another Astroneer asynchronously.

Send your resume to jobs@systemera.net to be considered for this role.