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Company Name:
Nix Hydra
Los Angeles, California
United States
Job Type:
Visual Arts
Position type:
Full Time
Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
Experience Level:
Entry Level
Some College

2D Enviornmental Artist

About Us 

Nix Hydra makes magical, colorful and friendly games. Our debut game, Egg Baby, has been downloaded more than 12 million times worldwide and is mostly popular with teen girls. After 2 years of setting the foundation (and making dough!) we are ready to go through our growth spurt, and are seeking aware, brave, and team-oriented individuals to join us on our egg-cellent adventure as we break boundaries and explore frontiers.



Nix Hydra is seeking a 2D artist to join our team. The qualifying person will be a key member on one of two project teams! This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves working on small teams and having a voice that’s heard in a productive and collaborative work environment.  

We are not interested in corporate fluff, big talkers, and people who aren’t 110% competent and dedicated to what they do. We expect everyone on the team to be proactive and take great pride in their craft.

The proper candidate must also be passionate for or enjoy making games of any genre for a heavily female oriented target audience.  



Responsibilities (include but is not limited to): 


  • Concept, flesh out, and polish background art to serve as reference for 3D artists.
  • Should be comfortable doing character art as well.
  • Generate game ready assets from source that adhere to strict development guidelines.
  • Work with modelers to create textures for 3D environments.
  • Be able to match different artistic styles.
  • Be an expert in color and composition to create strong moods with intent.



General Requirements:

  • Meet regularly with Art Director, Creative Director, other artists, and designers for planning and review.
  • Have the ability to take direction, but to also contribute own artistic flare, and be proactive about finding helpful references towards a given project.
  • Be comfortable working independently (we don’t need a robot).
  • Measure twice, cut once.  We believe in planning and so should you.  You will be required to write Art Design Documents (ADDs) and provide work estimates for any associated tasks.  You must think ahead about what is being built, and how it interacts with everything else in the game. Weird concept, we know.
  • We expect anyone we hire to be diverse and understand all areas of game development: more specifically a solid understanding of level design, 2D art, 2D animation, and 3D animation.  You don’t have to be a designer, a concept artist, or an animator, just understand them and their needs, and have the ability to communicate with them.

We are looking for talented artists with experience in digital formats.





  • 5+ years of digital art schooling/experience OR
  • 2+ year of professional digital art experience
  • Photoshop fluency
  • Illustrator skill
  • Flash skill
  • Experience texturing 3D models.



Much more likely to get the job if you have:


  • Been an active member of the art team on at least 2 SHIPPED projects from start to finish.
  • Been an active member of the art team on at least 1 mobile game from start to finish. 
  • Experience with at least one bug DB software: JIRA, DevTrack, Mantis, etc.
  • Experience with at least one source control software: Perforce, SVN, Alienbrain, etc.
  • Been an active member of the art team on a game for a female target audience from start to finish.




 Here are some of the perks you’ll be enjoying at Nix Hydra:

  • 4 day work week. We get Mondays off and work 10 hours per day Tuesdays through Fridays.
  • Unlimited vacations. Just give everyone a proper heads up, and be considerate of deadlines.
  • A helpful & collaborative team. Work with people who love what they do and are happy to pitch in with ideas. 
  • Monthly game/arts and crafts nights with the best tacos in town.


Be sure to apply to us directly at: jobs@nixhydra.com. DO NOT APPLY THROUGH GAMASUTRA. Please send yur resume and a brief, but thoughtful, cover letter. (hint: you will do better if your cover letter sounds like a human, not a job-hunting machine)

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