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Nexon America, Inc.

El Segundo
United States
Zip Code:

Company Overview

Nexon, established in 1994, is one of Asia’s fastest growing premier online game companies with more than 1500 employees worldwide. We have offices in Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and the US. Nexon America Inc., the US division of Nexon located in the Los Angeles, is currently looking for Qualified Professionals to join our casual, fun, and friendly environment. (Experience one of our games at www.mapleglobal.com, www.nexon.com, www.nexon.net)

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Localization Coordinator
Nexon America, Inc. - El Segundo, California, United States
The Localization Coordinator is responsible for translating company communication between Korea and the U.S. (e.g. e-mails, Jira comments, etc.) as well as providing interpretations for video conferences, teleconferences, and small-sized meetings between Korea and the U.S. This position is also responsible for translating game-related documents. (e.g. test sheets, checklists, bug reports, game proposals, etc.)
Posted - October 30, 2014